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The Marketing Community: Welcome


You're ready to get off the corporate hamster wheel. It's time to dive into doing what you were meant to do - on your own terms. Yes!

And now you have to market yourself. No! 😱

The world of marketing is enormous. The big players have whole departments. You just have a handful of hours a week. What do you do?

You join a supportive community that will help you:

✅ Develop a streamlined strategy

✅ Provide accountability for posting on social media

✅ Boost your posts so you can actually get seen

✅ Mastermind challenges along your journey

Consistently putting content on social media is the cheapest way to market your business. But there’s always something more urgent to do. So you procrastinate. You procrastinated today. You’ll do it tomorrow. 

Join us.

We put appointments on your calendar, and we put your butt in a seat (on Zoom). Then, alongside other people just like you, you show up. 

We promote each other’s content and spark the social media algorithms. More people see your content, so more people see your content. Your content moves up and into the feeds of people you want to connect with. People who’d want to know you. People who’d want to pay you. 

The Marketing Community: Text
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The core elements of The Marketing Community are:

1) Promotion Sessions: Come together 2-3 times per week to promote each others’ posts on social media. No more ghost posts with no likes or comments!

2) Social Outreach Sessions: The fastest way to build an audience is to join the social media conversation and comment on other thought leaders' posts. We do this twice a week.

3) Mastermind Sessions: Come together once a week to work on building or updating an area of your marketing funnel or provide feedback to one of your colleagues. 

4) 1:1 Coaching Sessions: Anyone who takes the hot seat at the mastermind receives a follow-up coaching session with Heather to take advantage of what you learned. 

Feedback: Tu, W, Th from 12:30 - 1 pm ET

Social Outreach: Tu, W from 1 - 1:30 pm ET

Mastermind: Th from 1-1:30 pm  ET

The promotion sessions are selected specifically, based on the previous year’s research to be some of the best times to post in CT/ET to reach the highest volume of people in the US (75-80% of the US population is in CT and ET). If you’re trying to build a US market, these are great times to post.

The Marketing Community: Welcome
The Marketing Community: Testimonials

In just one month of sessions, interactions on my company page have skyrocketed! Not only are my posts getting more eyeballs, but I know they're being seen by people who value what my company has to offer.

Angie Flynn-McIver, President

Ignite CSP: Coaching, Speaking, Presenting



Outside of the main sessions, we have a framework to help you manage your publishing schedule and increase your marketing skills.

The GoGoDone Marketing Community offers a schedule of weekly and monthly coworking-style sessions:

​-A weekly writing-focused session for drafting and editing your content

-A place to post your content internally for feedback and editing

-A monthly session to review your analytics and plan your content calendar

-A monthly mini course + worksheet on a marketing topic. 

Additionally, your membership will get you access to:

1 - A paid Canva account for quick and easy social media graphics.

2 - A Focus@Will subscription for better concentration in your work sessions.

3 - Access to all GoGoDone coworking sessions.

The Marketing Community: Welcome


At the bare minimum, you’ll be in the community contributing 2-3 hours a week in promotion, social outreach, and mastermind sessions. 

You'll want to reserve time, whether it's with us or on your own, to create your content and build your marketing infrastructure. That will depend on where you are with your business (and we can help!).  

Most solopreneurs are spending 5-10 hours a week, including creating their content.

The model is to create high-value social content that pushes prospective clients deeper into your funnel (think newsletter).

To get folks to see that content, you spend just as much time or more reaching out to relevant people to build your following. 

The Marketing Community: Welcome
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No matter who you are and no matter how skilled you are at marketing, you're welcome here if you share our values of community, equity, and excellence.

There is an orientation that will introduce you to all kinds of processes and tools to get you started or take you to the next level. We cover tips and tools for content calendars, building great social posts using research, programming posts into a scheduler optimized for best posting times, and how to set up your metrics tracking. 

Orientations are now happening by appointment. You'll get a personal tour of our private online community, an orientation to our culture and I'll show you the best tools on the internet to optimize your time spent on social media marketing. 

Don’t go it alone anymore! We’re here for each other.

The Marketing Community: Welcome


In order to join, you must fill out a simple application. It's important that you're ready to commit to showing up and putting in the time.  

We are a community that trusts each other with our personal work. Having a positive culture is vital. If you are here to become a billionaire by selling a trillion low-quality widgets via spam, please move along. If you are here only for beating the social media algorithm, I would encourage you to move along as well. Ultimately, we’re here to support each other in creating meaningful work and spreading the word. 

Once you’re accepted, you are invited into the community where you can claim your subscription, subscribe to the google calendar, and access the zoom room for group sessions.

Apply today and get your posts the visibility they deserve!

The Marketing Community: Welcome


Once you get your system dialed in and are generating leads from your social media, the subscription will pay for itself!

Monthly Memberships at:

Basic Membership: $59.99/mo

Builder Membership: $99.00/mo and includes two 1:1 coaching sessions (30 minutes each) per month

Premium Membership: $199.99/mo and includes weekly 1:1 coaching sessions (30 minutes each) per month

Apply today and keep your posts from getting lost in the noise!

The Marketing Community: Welcome


Below is the current calendar of sessions in ET. Most sessions are optional. 


-Tuesday: 12:30 - 1 pm Promotion Session

-Tuesday: 1 - 1:30 pm Social Outreach

-Wednesday: 12:30 - 1 pm Promotion Session

-Wednesday: 1 - 1:30 pm Social Outreach

-Thursday: 12:30 - 1 pm Promotion Session

-Thursday: 1 - 1:30 pm Mastermind 

-Thursdays 2:30 -3:30 GoGoWrite Content Creation Session


First Fridays:

12 pm - 1 pm Analytics + Content Calendar

Further Questions?

Email Heather at for any further questions or to book a time to chat.

The Marketing Community: Welcome
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