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People rationalise and don’t start their best work or quit when they encounter The Resistance. Through 1:1 personal coaching and mentoring I want to help people, so that they too, can make the change they seek. Being a veteran, I am for the crazy misfits who get a thrill out of winging it.

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I side gig as an Author of fiction novels and blogging. Please feel free to check out Evoenix:Edits, a weekly insight into the Practice of Leadership, helping others and honing your Real Skills.


Dr. Bena knows the experience of going from stressed and distracted to calm and focused. She knows what it takes to commit to yourself, family, friends and work without burning out. She coaches people like you and consults for companies like yours. As your coach, you gain the benefits of a healthy outlook with mindful skills development. Dr. Bena has studied with Tibetan, Indian and Western meditation teachers. She has more than 20K hours of personal practice. She teaches deep meditation in a modern context. Bringing the benefits of Mindfulness, Meditation and Embodiment to you and your life. Here are some real healthy outlooks.

Real Results from Individuals - Stress tamed, focus gained, and productivity improved 

Real Results for Companies - Turnaround growth of -143 to 9% profit, team collaboration gains and salesforce revenue doubled

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If we accept that change is an inevitable part of our organizations, teams, and communities then I believe that we should be purposeful in how we go about making those changes. As a serial entrepreneur, I have co-founded several organizations to solve unique gaps that have existed in the communities I serve.

My background is in technology, starting my career as a software developer. My passion is for storytelling and helping to use communication to build stronger ecosystems. The evolution of my first company, rTraction, has allowed me to gain significant experience leading in both technical and communication projects.

I believe in the importance of sustainable business practices, certifying rTraction as a B Corporation in 20016. Like many B Corporation leaders, I think that the future of our economy is purpose-led companies using business as a force for good.

I am always on the lookout for new opportunities to bring my skill-sets to bear on helping organizations to lead and communicate more effectively.

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Diane MacKinnon, MD, is a Master Certified Life Coach who started out as a family physician. She got into coaching to help her patients make the positive changes they needed to make to live healthier, happier lives. After coaching and seeing patients for years (the best of both worlds) she switched to coaching and mothering, so she still has the best of both worlds! 

Diane works with a lot of medical professionals, given her background, and especially loves helping women in the medical profession who, like her, want a thriving life outside of work as well as a satisfying career.



Hello, I am Elayna Alexandra, I am a transformational coach, design thinker, strategist, teacher & facilitator. I am a connector, curiosity seeker, and builder who has owned my own business for nearly a decade. I have an MBA and am an award-winning creative and published writer. I am a survivor of a rare bone disease and have figured out how to thrive in the face of extreme hardship and limb function loss.

I collaborate with entrepreneurs who push the boundaries of what they can do. I coach individuals and businesses who want to transform their lives and organizations, to get past blocks and be the best that they can be. I work to create spaces to heal trauma & grief creating a greater possibility for resiliency and joy.

Elayna Alexandra, M.B.A, NCC™, ACC, she/her/hers

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I started GoGoDone in the summer of 2019 within Seth Godin’s Akimbo Alumni Community. Since then, GoGoDone has been co-created with its amazing hosts and GoGoDone-ers and we’ve opened it to anyone who wants to be more productive and feel better about getting the hard work done.

As a remote worker, I started GoGoDone because I get exponentially more work done if I’m held accountable and schedule my projects. I also flourish with a little bit of community and laughter. The GoGoDone structure has helped me learn how long projects take and has given me an incredibly diverse place to mastermind my ideas. These are things I can’t get in a conventional office. 

Besides managing the operations of GoGoDone, I coach independently and for Seth Godin’s altMBA and lead workshops and e-learning experiences. My focus areas are leadership, productivity, accountability and habit change all through the lens of self-reflection and awareness. My background is in inbound digital marketing and counseling.



A successful entrepreneur, angel investor, super-connector, mentor, and door opener.

Jan has co-founded and managed four start-up business ventures and invested in five start-ups, across Technology, Fintec, Events, SaaS, and Property sectors. She is a private investor with HBAN. Jan has supported Enterprise Ireland over the last 2.5-years, both as investment panelist and mentor to HPSU and LEO New Frontiers clients.

During her time at IQ Branding Solutions, Jan shaped commercial strategy to deliver 7-figure turnover in 4-years, yielding double-digit profit growth. She established a niche company, punching well above its’ weight by landing large blue-chip contracts and holding significant market share.

Jan speaks four languages and has worked with leading brands across multiple industry sectors, including Aramark, Celestica, DAA, Diageo, Google, IKEA, JC Decaux, PWC, Sherry FitzGerald, Sport Ireland, and Verizon.


John has led software teams at investment banks. He's made apps for giant retailers. He's founded start-ups. His apps have won awards.

He's now on a mission to help founders with software ideas succeed. Avoiding the expense and wasted years so many experience. He's writing his book Don't Start Coding to help founders know if their idea will work before they build it. Covering the user research, product development, and initial marketing you can do without employing anyone.

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Kwin Peterson was named after a radio station and so he had to work in radio until he became an adult. He has two theatre degrees and worked as the marketing director for a symphony orchestra and for a professional theatre company. He then spent way too much time in the electric utility industry. He is now working in healthcare.

Or maybe something else, who knows.

Along the way, Kwin has side-gigged in video production, blogging, water sports, podcasting, solar energy, and app design. 


Michele Salomon brings energy, enthusiasm and endless curiosity to everything she does. She is currently a VP at SSRS, a social science and market research company, where she works with clients to design and conduct public opinion research. Prior to SSRS, she worked at Harris Insights & Analytics (home of The Harris Poll), Nielsen and Big Sofa Technologies.  

When not at work you can find her at her Toastmasters club where she is President, her synagogue where she is the co-leader of the Women’s Group and on the Executive Committee at Temple University’s Fox School of Business where she teaches undergraduate and graduate students about market research and consumer buyer behavior.

Michele discovered GoGoDone after participating in an Akimbo workshop and wishes she had known about the magic of working with other people in this way forever. With a life-long habit of procrastination and recognition that she works well with outside accountability, Michele has become a frequent participant. It has helped her get work done, meet people from all over the world and check things off her list. Win, win, win!

Michele lives in Pennsylvania, is married to a Frenchman and has two teenagers that keep her on her toes.

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Michelle is a real estate investment analyst and strategist operating in Dublin, Ireland. She has in-depth knowledge of commercial real estate business operations and digital transformation. She has held roles with responsibility for a variety of functions including portfolio/ asset management, investor relations, digital strategy, marketing, and data & insights. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, boating, and traveling. Michelle is an Executive MBA candidate at Trinity College Dublin and also holds a Masters in Real Estate and BSc (Hons) Business Studies major in Accounting and Finance.


Nina Semczuk is a writer, SEO consultant, and personal finance geek. She's written for MONEY, LendingTree, Fast Company, SmartAsset, The Muse, The Billfold, Hirepurpose, Tasting Table, Fairygodboss, and more. Nina is a Certified Educator in Personal Finance® (CEPF®), a member of the Society of American Business Editors and Writers, and is a former Army officer with five years of active service.

Head on over to her website or say hi on Twitter. Or, get Nina in your inbox on the first Tuesday of the month. Personal development and creativity chats, book recommendations, tips for living a better life and a little dose of humor.



Pascale Kavanagh combines the unlikely pursuits of spiritual counseling, creativity coaching, and authoring novels into a beautifully messy life. Her genre-bending novels masterfully blend literary romance with suspense and fantasy. Ultimately, all her work is about strengthening resilience, transforming suffering, and bringing relief to the places we hurt.

Her past includes stints as an MIT-trained engineer, biotech executive, school founder, health coach, and entrepreneur. She has been teaching yoga, meditation, and holistic health for over twenty years.

You can find her guidance on resilience and grace at For the steamy stuff, head to, where you can find her latest release, Casting A Spell, which will make you believe in love and magic.


Peter has been a proud GoGoDone’er since Summer 2019. He considers himself a jack-of-all-trades and has a variety of interests including functional fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness. He prides himself on the ability to bring together a variety of disciplines and developing creative insights. Peter is also the creator and host of The Ikigai Project - an interview-style podcast that explores “the reason for being” with people from all walks of life.



Renée Fishman helps creative and service-oriented professionals create space for their best work and move through life with ease and flow. She is the founder of The Ritual Revolution, a Certified Sacred Depths Coach, a yoga teacher, and a practitioner of Holistic Productivity. She publishes a daily blog about the journey of life at




Every highly technical startup CEO faces the same problem: figure out how to grow your company to the next level. You know how great your product or service is, but the process of gaining clients or increasing adoption is too slow. You think, "Marketing shouldn't be this hard." and you are right.

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