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Extra support for moving that ick project through your system

“Why can’t I get this done!?”

“I just need to make myself do this!”

Every dream includes a slog. Whether it’s a project you just need off your plate or an ongoing habit you need to establish, you need accountability. 

This 12-week program will use a blend of coaching and accountability tools to get the project done or the habit established. 

We’ll work together to get clarity on your goal and set up systems of accountability and goal tracking specific to what works for you. 

Typical Accountability Coaching Program:

Pre-Session Activities around values and current systems

  • Week 1: 60-minute Zoom session for exploration and planning + M-Th digital check-ins

  • Week 2: 30-minute Zoom session plan evaluation and reset + M-Th digital check-ins

  • Week 3: 15-minute Zoom session Check-in and reset + Tu/Th digital check-ins

  • Week 4: 15-minute Zoom session Check-in and reset + Tu/Th digital check-ins

  • Week 5: 30-minute Zoom session for reflection and reset + Tu/Th digital check-ins

  • Weeks 6-8: Digital goal check-in + Tu/Th digital check-ins

  • Week 9: 30-minutes Zoom session for reflection and reset and begin exit plan + Th digital check-ins

  • Weeks 10-11 Digital goal check-in + Th digital check-ins

  • Week 12: 30-minute reflection and maintenance plan

Want a more intensive coaching intervention? You can level up to weekly 30-minute sessions in the Coaching Intensive version. 

Once you sign up, I’ll contact you to schedule our first appointment and provide you with the pre-session activities.

Basic Accountability Coaching $499 for 12 weeks

Accountability Coaching Intensive $999 for 12 weeks

Monthly Maintenance Plan $99

Monthly 30-minute Zoom reflection sessions

Weekly digital check-ins

Questions? Email

Ready now?

Schedule a free 20-minute consultation to start

All Accountability Coaching Clients get access to GoGoDone Productivity and Focus Sessions for the duration of coaching. 

“I just need to MAKE myself do this!”: Services
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