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Crucial Audience-Building Steps Most Entrepreneurs Miss

I bet you’re missing a HUGE boost to your social posting strategy.

I was.

Are you spending all your time on social posting great content hoping future prospects will follow you?

Well, you’re missing the boat.

Definitely post great content. Definitely stay in tune with your target audience. But there’s so much more to building your business and influence.

I got really assertive with sending out connection requests lately. Initially, it was to build a stronger, more relevant network in general. There was also a surprise bonus.

Building an intentional network restructured my feed.

My feed now includes posts from these new connections who are thought leaders and folks doing similar work. I am so interested in my feed now!

Double bonus: I’m popping up in their feeds. Especially early on after we connect.

The weeks where I build my connections are the weeks where my posts do best.

Here’s the new and improved social posting strategy - specifically crafted to you #solopreneurs building an audience:

1️⃣ Post great content, consistently

2️⃣ Interact on your connection's posts and with their audience, consistently

3️⃣ Send targeted connection requests, consistently

Most folks stop at step 1 and wonder why social is such a dead end for them.

Incidentally, when you're just starting out, #3 is just about the ONLY way to grow quickly. ---

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