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How To Surprisingly Breakthrough Your Year Old Todo List

It’s Monday morning and it’s time to go back to work after the weekend. Last week did not go as planned with getting anything done. I’ve also built up some stress in my brain with all my deadlines approaching. 

Ring a bell for anyone else out there? GoGoDone is an opportunity for you to turn your unfinished To-Do list into an “everything crossed off the list” masterpiece. Sounds good, huh? Well words just don’t do it justice so let me give you a visual.

Here’s the piece of tree I was working with a year ago before I knew GoGoDone even existed:

See how nothing is crossed off the list 👆and it says the list is from last year. That’s how well my productivity was going through half of 2020. The above to do list is far from masterpiece level. It’s got a long way to go. 

Now let me show you what the list looked like 👇 two weeks before I learned about GoGoDone.

I added more things to the list and didn’t cross anything off the list. This is called a To-Do list epic fail!!!

Something had to change because I was getting more and more in the weeds and my confidence to progress in my business was starting to take a nosedive.

Then I found GoGoDone Productivity Sessions.

GoGoDone Productivity sessions are virtual community work sessions done on Zoom from anywhere you like via the internet or from an app on your phone or tablet.

When you enter the session there is a host who greets everyone. If you’ve never been to a session it’s very informal and feels like you are just chit chatting with friends waiting for an event to get started. Once the session starts we take about 5 minutes for introductions to talk about what we are working on, what we’d like to get done, and where we might need a little assistance. If there’s anyone new to GoGoDone we give a quick summary of how things work and give a warm and friendly welcome. 

The scene looks like this… See how everyone is smiling. It’s a lot of fun to get work done :)

Next the host sends everyone to a breakout room. If you’ve never been on a zoom call, a breakout room is a smaller version of the above where there are only 2 or 3 people in a virtual room. It’s a way to get work done without having the distraction of a big group.

GoGoDone has two formats. One is a Productivity Session which lasts for 90 minutes and the other is a Focus Session which lasts for 2 hours.

In the 90 minute session, you have three, 25 minute bursts of working on your project with two, 5 minute breaks in between. In the 2 hour session, you have two, 50 minute sessions with a 10 minute break in between.

It’s amazing how focused and productive you can be by having a community to work with and keep you accountable during the sessions. When each session begins everyone in the group has the opportunity to share what they would like to focus on during GoGoDone. In my case, I told the group I wanted to cross off two things on my todo list that had been on the list since last year. 

On the breaks it’s time to unwind, network, and discuss wins and obstacles like for me how my todo list exorcism was coming along. Then you get back to work invigorated by the positivity of the community. It’s astounding to see how a 5 minute break with the community can become such an empowerment to your productivity!

After the work sessions are over, the whole group gathers back together to share wins and plug anything you may be working on. It’s such a supportive group!

GoGoDone is so productive and so supportive, look at my To-Do List now…

It’s truly a masterpiece. 

We’re not necessarily artists in GoGoDone, but we sure know how to get things done. Come and check it out to see for yourself.

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