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It's like a weekly happy hour for the lonely solopreneur (BYOB)

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Inspire each other AND benefit from my obsession with free and low-cost marketing resources and productivity hacks.

All through the lens of what works for solopreneurs (that's you consultants, coaches, and freelancers). 

Each week the GoGoDone Newsletter highlights things like:
✅ GoGoDoner Accomplishments
✅ Free/low-cost webinars and events 
✅ Curated marketing content especially for solopreneurs
✅ Tools and tips to boost motivation and productivity
✅ The dorkiest memes I can find

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This is the part where I'm supposed to tell you how great I am.

Well, I AM great! We don't pat ourselves on the back nearly enough. So, I'm walking that talk. There's some s**t I'm good at. And I save the best for the newsletter. 

🚀 Productivity
I'm OBSESSED with setting and achieving goals aka productivity. I have worked as a counselor and coach since the early 2000s. I blend brain, behavior, and tactics so get us from point A to B.

I have been a marketing team of one for several companies and now for GoGoDone (approaching 16 years of marketing experience in total!). I know how to do the most with the smallest budget. I'm scouring the interwebs for the great stuff at low- or no-cost. 

🤪I'm a bit of a dork. 

So, there will be dumb jokes and silly memes along the way. And if you catch me in a GoGoDone Session break, I can tell you some good stories too. ;)

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