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It's like a 2/mo happy hour for productive sanity-seekers (BYOB)

Take a snack-sized moment to embrace balanced and mindful productivity through the best visuals on the web.

And stay up-to-date on what's going on in the coworking community. 

Lurkers welcome. We'll lure you in to coworking with us eventually...



This is the part where I'm supposed to tell you how great I am.

Well, I AM great! We don't pat ourselves on the back nearly enough. So, I'm walking that talk. There's some s**t I'm good at. And I save the best for the newsletter. 

🚀 Productivity
I'm OBSESSED with setting and achieving goals aka productivity WHILE living a full and balanced life. I have worked as a counselor and coach since the early 2000s. I blend brain, behavior, and tactics to get us there with energy to spare. #1 tactic - GoGoDone Coworking

📣 Marketing
I have been a marketing team of one for several companies and now for GoGoDone (approaching 16 years of marketing experience in total!). I know how to do the most with the smallest budget. Check out GoGoPromo if you're on the same budget and want a boost to your social media.  

🤪 I'm a bit of a dork. 

So, there will be dumb jokes and silly memes along the way. And if you catch me in a GoGoDone Session break, I can tell you some good stories too. ;)

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